Cllr Tom Spencer



Tom Spenser was elected for St John's in the Borough Council elections on 5 May 2022, where he replaced Councillor Ken Howard, who retired after many years of service.

Tom has lived locally all his life and attended the Winston Churchill School. He has enjoyed being a part of the St John's community for some time and feels that one of the greatest strengths of the area is its close, supportive community.

Tom will strive to support local businesses and will press for more affordable housing and improved facilities for young people. Tom is also concerned to preserve the natural beauty of the area. He wants to implement more accessible facilities for waste disposal, to keep areas such as the Lye and adjacent woods and the canal towpath free from litter.

Tom's goal is to do all he can for residents to ensure that needs are met and issues are tackled in a timely way. He works with local Lib Dem councillors Rob Leach and Dale Roberts on the Council and working with them to keep St John's a strong and happy community.